Printing Errors and Options FAQs

Questions about printing or getting printing errors? Find your answers here!

Printing Errors can be so frustrating!  Hopefully you can find the answers you need here, but always check your users manual or Google information for your printer for the best information about tackling difficult printer problems!
My Main Printing Tip!
Once the files are downloaded, you may be tempted to just “double-click” and open them and print from there.  Doing this will open the files in a browser window, and you may be able to print from there, but sometimes errors will occur using this method.  I highly recommend getting a PDF reader if you don’t already have one.  The PDF reader that I recommend is Adobe Acrobat Reader, since I use Adobe products to create all of my files.  You can download it for free but check the warning below before you do! 

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE FREE DOWNLOAD: There are 'add-on' programs and the box is checked by default! Pay attention before you download and uncheck those boxes unless you want those programs! McAfee is one of those pesky programs that always slows down my computer, so I am always on the lookout to avoid it! 
I recommend printing only a few pages to start with to make sure things are printing as they should before printing an entire journal or workbook.