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Digital Planner & Journal FAQs

Everything you need to know about how digital planners work and to help you decide if a digital planner is right for you!

What are digital planners?
A digital planner is a digital version of the traditional paper planner, but NOT like a To-Do list or Calendar you might use in your phone.  Just like you'd write in your paper planner with pens, you would write in a digital planner with a stylus. It has the look and feel of a paper planner, you can add stickers, write, erase, and flip through the pages.  Most are designed to be interactive PDFs containing hyperlinked tabs, helping you jump to the page you want.  

The way digital planning works is by uploading a PDF file of the planner to a note-taking app and using it on your iPad or tablet. Below you will find many of the FAQs that people have about digital planners, and if you need help installing a planner that you've purchased, you can download the free Guide to Digital Planners from the link in the box on the right!