Printable Planners
Printable PDF Presidency Planners FAQs

Answers to your questions about printing and editing planners for your presidency!

Everything to know about printable planners!
If you're a paper & pen person like me, you might prefer sticking with a printable paper planner. I still use a paper planner and love it!  My Presidency planners are available for both Ward and Stake Presidencies, personalized for the needs of your calling.  I also make the printable planners EDITABLE, which means you can add information to the planner before printing it if you want, but it isn't necessary.

A few handy tips before beginning with your planner!
Once you've downloaded your planner, be sure to save a copy with an original name in a place where you'll remember it!If anything goes wrong, you can always download it again, but it's easier to start from scratch with the original if needed. Also, if you need to go back and print additional pages with new info, it's nice to do it from a clean copy.

As you add information, save often!This requires no explanation, but considering how long it can take to add your info, it's really a bummer if something goes wrong and you have to start again.

If you run into errors while adding information, please be sure to let me know!I do my best to test every page, but it is always possible that I miss one and settings are off or the editable field has been added incorrectly. I want to be sure you're happy with the planner and it works for your needs, so please let me know if you have issues!