Come Follow Me Journals
Come Follow Me Journals for Youth & Adults FAQs

Questions about the Come Follow Me journals and Doctrinal Topics Guides for Youth? Find your answers here.

There are a lot of Come Follow Me Journals out there!  How is this one different?
Most Come Follow Me journals are generic scripture journals with mostly blank pages for note taking. Some are broken up into sections, have boxes or generic prompts to follow, places for quotes, etc. 

My Come Follow Me Journal is different for a couple of reasons:

  •  it is specific to the Come Follow Me manual for the year and book of scripture that we're studying. 
  • This is a guided journal with prompts taken directly from the Come Follow Me manual for Individuals and Families. There are tables to fill in, or just boxes for your own answers to the questions posed in the manual. 
  • For lessons with suggested talks by General Authorities, there is a QR code to take you right to the talk as well as journaling space to keep track of what you learn in that talk.
  • In addition to the guided journaling pages, there are blank dot-grid pages for additional journaling, doodling, drawing or whatever you'd like to do and special pages in the back to collect quotes, thoughts or other things you want to remember.
  • The journal is full color, but also available in a print-friendly version that is still color but saves ink.

What are the Come Follow Me Journals?
My Come Follow Me journals are a little different than most journals you find because they have guided prompts that are taken from the Come Follow Me manual for Individuals and Families. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to journal about, and the manual gives us guidance right from our leaders about some of the things we can learn. It's a great place to start. There are two pages per lesson, plus additional note pages for doodling, writing, or using however you'd like.

What are the Doctrinal Topics Guides?
Doctrinal Topics Guides are specifically designed for Young Women and Young Men to go along with their Sunday lessons. The Lesson Titles are taken from the Come Follow Me manual for Young Men & Women. This is a perfect companion to the Come Follow Me journal, and perfect to have in class on Sundays for taking notes and writing down inspiration or thoughts.

How do I know which book I need?
For youth, both books are great and complement each other as they both serve a specific purpose. They are available as a bundle, but if you only want one, the one you want is going to be based on personal preference. 
Do you want something to help with personal scripture study? The Come Follow Me journal is great for personal scripture study and follows along with the lesson and scriptures for the week. 
Are you looking for a notebook to use in YW/YM on Sunday? The Doctrinal Topics Guide would be great for using in class.  If you're a youth leader looking for something to use in your class discussions, the Doctrinal Topics guide is probably the best choice. 

For adults, the Come Follow Me journal is perfect, but unless you are serving with the Youth, you wouldn't need the Doctrinal Topics Guide.

This is a lot of color ink!  Can these books be printed in black and white?
Yes, you could choose to print in black and white, but each download also comes with a print-friendly copy that has the border patterns removed. It is still in color but uses less ink!

I love to print in color, there is something about it that makes me happy!  I subscribe to Instant Ink, and it allows me to print in color for the same price as black and white--I pay one flat rate each month for a certain number of pages, whether they are black & white, color, photo quality or draft copy, it is all the same. And one of the best things is that they monitor my printing and send me new ink cartridges before I run out of ink, so I never get in the middle of a print job and suddenly run out of ink!

If you have an HP printer, I can't recommend it enough!  You can check it out at this link and if you want to sign up for a promotion, you can do it at this link.  I am not an affiliate for them, but they do offer promotions when you are referred by someone that uses their service!

Can I print these books in half size?
The books are designed to be printed in 8.5 x 11 size, so if you choose to print them half size, the proportions will be slightly off. Another thing to consider is the size of the font and blocks for writing as they may get very small if you print them in a smaller size. Of course, some people prefer smaller text, so it might be worth printing a few pages to try it and see what you think.

For me, the half size is too small, so I don't recommend it.

Are the stickers and tabs necessary?
No, they are definitely not needed if you don't want to make them. But they are fun and give some cute ways to decorate either your scriptures or your journal, and there are fun journaling prompts to use on blank journal pages to get your mind going as your write.

How do I make the stickers and tabs?
With the download, you get two versions of the stickers and tabs. One is a PDF for printing and cutting out by hand. The other is a PNG that has been formatted for Print and Cut on a cutting machine like Cricut. Be sure to get sticker paper that is appropriate for the type of printer you have. I generally prefer matte sticker paper as some of the stickers are meant to be written on. If you choose to buy vinyl glossy sticker paper, be sure to check the details to make sure it won't smear and possibly buy waterproof vinyl.

If you want to make your stickers with a Cricut, there is more information about how to do that in my Help Desk where you will find detailed instructions complete with screenshots.